Making an investment has never been so rewarding

We make homes for Every Body

28,000 disabled Australians are unable to find accommodation to meet their needs for accessibility and independence. Building housing we need to solve this problem offers an opportunity for investors to provide a significant and positive social impact.

Our properties, enrolled as Specialist Disability Accommodation with the National Disability Insurance Scheme, are supported by government backed income as well as the potential for capital growth in line with the residential real estate market.

With over 50 years experience in the property market and community engagement we are confident the EBB team will deliver real outcomes to build equal opportunity for all Australians as well as financial returns for our investors.

We create accommodation that can be registered as Specialist Disability Accommodation

Every Body Buildings (EBB) will help solve the undersupply problem by investing in the development of NDIS certified Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments and houses across Australia.

We will create designs for homes that meet the requirements of enrollment into the SDA program – wider doors, flatter floors, automated systems.

EBB intends to use funds raised through the CSF offer to purchase new housing which is then rented into the NDIS SDA program. We use rental profit and capital gains to expand the portfolio.

Meet the Everybody Buildings team

Ruby has been investing in residential property since she was 19. By the time she was 21 she had 5 investment properties and was named Young Gun Property Investor by Australian Property Investor magazine.

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Mark is a Not For Profit management specialist with 20 years experience working with organisations in the Community sector at Director and CEO levels.

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Senior Finance Executive with 25 years-experience of Start-up, Mobile, Internet & Tech businesses.

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Peter has 4 decades of commercial experience in the private sector across all facets of business.

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Marchese and Partners have extensive experience in the NDIS Design Standards and producing innovative builds in the high access and aged care markets.

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Making an investment has never been so rewarding

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Business Model


EBB will commission the development of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) houses and apartments to create its own property portfolio.

These properties will then be leased to tenants registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.



We currently have agreements with property developers for the delivery of over 50 high quality SDA homes in Melbourne, Bendigo and Adelaide.

The plans for these apartments have been modified by our architect to meet strict NDIS design standards. Interiors have been completely overhauled to provide the required space and facilities for the highest level of needs. Building is ready to commence.

Mission & Objectives


To make accessible accommodation the new normal.

To create an organisation that delivers significant social accommodation outcomes as well as financial returns.


Business Objectives

With funds raised we intend to:

  • Secure up to 25 residential properties modified for SDA
  • Develop a perpetual and growing residential portfolio over 20 years.
  • The Directors will borrow against initial property purchase to leverage capacity to grow the portfolio. The portfolio will never exceed a loan to value ratio of 75%.
  • Develop a sound model for applying private capital to community issues



The provision of Disability Housing has traditionally been delivered through Community and Church based organisation – often in a limited funding landscapes based on minimal government support and charitable donations.



The NDIS was developed to provide a coordinated, national and complete answer to the delivery of appropriate resourcing to meet the needs of disabled Australians.

It is estimated that 28,000 new places will be needed to meet these needs and the Federal Government have committed an on-going annual budget of $700 m to cover the rental of this accommodation.

The limiting factor is not just funding, however, but also the need to overcome a significant lack of appropriate housing in the market. The solution requires the construction of new dwellings on a major scale.



All investment carries some degree of risk. EBB has 100% of your investment directed to the purchase of real property in the company’s portfolio.

As a result, movements in the property market may have a significant effect on the value of the company.



The EBB Team are made up of sophisticated property people, business managers, business financial advisers and business strategists.

Combined, they are well equipped to define business strategy depending on economic conditions, acquire property and modify property to meet the NDIS requirements.

Rental returns are sourced via a 20 year commitment from the Federal Government. EBB property rental returns are indexed annually in line with the NDIS payments.