Founder and Director

Ruby has been investing in residential property since she was 19. By the time she was 21 she had 5 investment properties and was named Young Gun Property Investor by Australian Property Investor magazine.

Over the last two decades Ruby has bought, sold, renovated, developed, subdivided and flipped many properties and has shared her passion and knowledge to help others achieve wealth through property. She has helped people get into the market with their very first properties and helped others expand their portfolio and create ongoing wealth creation strategies.

Ruby has been a sought after speaker and contributor to many property investment publications including Property Observer and Your Wealth Magazine. She has featured in Australian Property Investor, Smart Property Investment, Herald Sun and best-selling book How to Achieve Wealth for Life through Property Investing.

Now a licensed real estate agent Ruby focuses on finding high-yield properties in high growth areas for her clients. She invests in these properties herself and never recommends anything she doesn’t also invest in. Ruby is known for her approachable style excellent customer service and believes everyone can achieve financial freedom through property given the right information and tools.